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korean lesson about time

1.2 what time is it
what time is it=jigeum myeot-siyeyo                       -a quarter of an hour=sibobun hue
it’s nine o’clock=ahopiseyo                                      -three quarter of an hour=sasibobun hue
-five past ten=yeolsi obunieyo                                 to early/late=nebmu iljjik/neutge
-a quarter past eleven=yeolhansi sibobunieyo          on time=jeonggage
-twenty past twelve=yeol dusi isipbun ieyo               summertime=sseomeo taim
-half past one=hansi banieyo                                    -..hours=..sigan hue
-twenty-five to three=sesi isibobun jeonieyo
-a quarter to four-nesi sibobun jeonieyo
-ten to five=daseotsi sipbun jeonieyo
It’s midday(twelve noon)=jeong-o(nat yeoldusi)-ieyo
It’s midnight=jajeong(bam yeoldusi)-ieyo
Half an hour=samsipbum
What time?=myeot siyeyo?
What time I can come by?=myeot sie gamyeon dwaeyo?
Between…and…(o’clock)=…sieseo…si saie
In…minutes=…bun hue
-an hour=hansingan hue