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korean lesson about day

Korean lesson

Assalammualaikum..hyep2..! annyeong semua oke hari nie saya ingin melangsungkan ‘korean tutorial’ saya haha..oke just follow  hope my tutorial is helpful.. :)
* if at the words has ( ) or / means the words have the same meaning but different sound 

1:useful list
Today or tomorrow
What day is it today?=oneureun museum yoirieyo?             This evening=oneul-jyeonyeok
Today’s Monday=oneureun woryoir-ieyo                                tonight=oneul bam
-Tuesday=hwayoir-ieyo                                                                last night=eojet bam
-Wednesday=suyoir-ieyo                                                             this week=ibeon ju
-Thursday=mogyoir-ieyo                                                              next month=daeum dal
-Friday=geumyoir-ieyo                                                                  last year=jangnyeon
-Saturday=toyoir-ieyo                                                                    next…=…da-eum
-Sunday=iryoir-ieyo                                                                        in days/weeks=il/ju
In January=irwore                                                                           months/years=nyeon hue
Since February=iwobuteo                                                             weeks ago=bibeon
In spring=bome                                                                               day off=swinuennal
-summer=yeoreume                                                                       This morning=oneul achim
-autumn=gaeure                                                                              This afternoon=oneul ohu
In the morning=achime
In the afternoon=ohue
In the evening=jeohyeoge
At night=bame