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korean lesson..about relative

ANNYEONG..ASSALAMMUALAIKUM..HYE..MOSHI-MOSHI..oke last week you all has been knoe the basic about time,number and day’s rite..??oke this week acc. I want to teach the HANGUL(Korean alphabet) but…I have a little probs..maybe next time oke sorry..oke go throw today I want to teach you how to say hi to others and others words oke..
if you want to say hi to your friends you just say ANNYEONG..this is for informal but if you want to say to adults or stranger you must say ‘ANNYEONGHASAEYO..b’cuz this is for formal..that you respect them..
oke this one is about the relative titles…..
if you are girl you must call the older brother ‘OPPA’ older sister ‘ONNI’ and youger than you you just call name only..
if you are boy you must call the older brother ‘HYUNG’ older sister ‘NOONA’ and youger than you is same just call name only..or ‘SAENGIEDONGSAENG’..
above is other about relatives…
older woman(aunt)[polite]-ajumni
older woman(auntie)[less polite]-ajumma
older man(uncle)-ajussi
elderly woman(grandmother)[polite]-hal muh ni
elderly man(grandfather)[less polite]-hara buh ji
father-ah buh ji
father in law-shi ah buh ji/jang in uh reun
mother-uh muh ni
mother in law-shi uh muh ni/jang mo nim